Bagged Products

Magnolia  Materials is a retailer of Garden-Ville products. Garden-Ville  products are 100% natural organic products for gardening and landscaping. These products can assist you in providing the organic garden you are trying to achieve or assist in a problem area. Magnolia Materials currently is offering the Garden-Ville Fertilizers, Herbicides, Fungicides and Soil Amendments. Garden-Ville products are safe and effective  for families, pets and the environment.

Garden-Ville Soil Amendments: Can be used to amend specific soil deficiencies, serve as feedings between fertilizer applications or improve the effectiveness of fertilizers.

Greensand: Iron, magnesium and potassium supplement with provides an excellent addition to any fertilization regimen.

Gardenville green sand

Worm Castings: A micronutrient-rich fertilizer that feeds plants and improves soil structure.

Gardenville worm castings

Mycorrhizal Fungi: Naturally occurring fungi known to improve root growth, soil structure, and plant establishment.

Gardenville mycorrhizal fungi

Garden-Ville Fertilizers: Fertilizer helps your lawn and plants stay healthy by replacing nutrients, Promoting new leaf and root growth, help in reducing pests and reducing weeds.

Bat Guano: A macronutrient fertilizer, excellent for soil health and activating compost piles.

Gardenville bat guano

Rocket Fuel-A: Complete fertilizer fortified with nutrients and minerals to promote healthy growth and abundant blooms.

Gardenville products

Garden-Ville Herbicides: Offers products that that will help control weeds and diseases in a safe and effective.

Orange Oil: A natural oil extracted from cold pressed orange peels used for fire ant control and all purpose cleaner.

Gardenville orange oil


Potassium Bicarbonate: A natural fungicide that eliminates black spot, powdery mildew, and other fungal problems.    

Gardenville natural fungicide

Magnolia Materials stocks fresh mushroom compost daily. Mushroom compost is a mixture of hay, peat moss, gypsum, cotton seed meal and manure. Even being from a natural/ organic source is very rich and high in nutrients that are from a form of salt. Mushroom compost has a high organic matter that allows for a slow release and is available to the plants throughout the growing season. To learn more, please visit:

Nutrient Content Can Vary:

% Nitrogen(N) 0.50-1.50   %Phosphate (P205) .25-1.00    %Potash (K20) .50-.75

Benefits of Mushroom Compost:

  • Can Be Applied on Lawns as a Fertilizer

  • Can Be Mixed In with Existing Soil

  • Helps In the Healthy Growth of Fruits/ Vegetables and Some Flowered Plants

  • Increases the Water Holding Capacity of the Soil

  • Inexpensive

  • Organic


Magnolia Materials carries sandy loam, topsoil and our very own garden mix. This is sold by the yard. Can be picked up or delivered at an additional cost. We offer custom mixing with the materials that we have in stock to make that special soil blend. Magnolia Materials can make your soil needs become a reality!

Sandy Loam: Sandy loam is composed of silt and sand. Sandy loam soil increases the soil’s capacity to flow through easily and return helps with water drainage. Sandy loam is a good soil to use in warm weather climates. A wide range of fruits and vegetables grow well in Sandy loam soil.

Pit Run: Brown color.

Screened: Brown color has no clumps or sticks.

Top Soil: The most natural part of the soil that holds most of the nutrients. The soil comes from the first 2” t0 8” of the earth. Topsoil can be used in flowerbeds, vegetable gardens, turf builder, repair lawns and helps in drainage of water. Has a higher clay count than a sandy loam.

Pit Run: Natural black soil that contains clay and clumps. Great for filling or leveling out an area.

Screened: Natural black that has no clumps or no sticks.

Magnolia Materials offers our own garden mix. This is mixed with mushroom compost and sandy loam. This mixture is perfect for existing or new gardens that will make your plants and vegetables thrive.